Prenatal Care

Prenatal care should start before you get pregnant.

During the monthly check up at Caroline's Clinic, women will receive complete medical information over maternal physiological changes in pregnancy,  biological changes and prenatal nutrition including prenatal vitamins.

Advanced Ultrasound Equipment

Obstetric ultrasound with the most advanced ultrasound equipment are performed during each check ups :

The Clinic

CAROLINE'S CLINIC is a heart warming place where ladies feel relaxed and comfortable, all in a Zen atmosphere where high standard medical treatment is being offered.

1- First Trimester Ultrasound Examination

Indications for first-trimester sonography include:

  • Confirmation of the presence of an intrauterine pregnancy
  • Evaluation of a suspected ectopic pregnancy
  • Defining the cause of vaginal bleeding
  • Estimation of gestational (menstrual) age;
  • Diagnosis or evaluation of multiple gestations;
  • Confirmation of cardiac activity;
  • Assessing for certain fetal anomalies, such as anencephaly, in high-risk patients;
  • Measuring the nuchal translucency (NT) when part of a screening program for fetal aneuploidy;

2- Second and Third Ultrasound Examination

Indications for the second and third trimester sonography include :

  • Screening for fetal anomalies;
  • Estimation of gestational (menstrual) age;
  • Evaluation of fetal growth;
  • Evaluation of vaginal bleeding
  • Suspected amniotic fluid abnormalities;
  • Suspected placental abruptio
  • Evaluation of premature rupture of membranes and/or premature labor.

Dr. Caroline OSMAN

Dr Caroline Osman, Obstetrician and Gynecologist, will explain for you the stages of normal labor and delivery : 

Normal delivery or C-section..

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